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1st IRF Africa Regional Congress

Jun 4, 2014 - Jun 6, 2014

New: 2nd IRF Africa Regional Congress – July 13-15 2015


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1st IRF Africa Regional Congress


The International Road Federation is proud to announce the 1st IRF Africa Regional Congress. This landmark Congress, to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, June 4-6, 2014, is hosted by the Federal Ministry of Works, Nigeria.


This inaugural event will serve as a means to deliver world-class knowledge resources and practical guidance across shared transportation challenges, including road safety, infrastructure asset management, innovative financing and capacity building of African transport professionals. It will bring together regional and local industry stakeholders from government, academia, multilateral banks, civil society and the private sector to help find solutions to the region’s transportation challenges.


Why Participate?

  • Premier knowledge & technology transfer event: The Congress aims to engage delegates within the framework of knowledge sharing, capacity building and technology transfer. Questions will be the principal avenues by which delegates interact with each other, such as: What are the best practices in different countries? What are the state of the art products? How can we share this knowledge?
  • Four pivotal and regionally-relevant themes: Road safety, asset management, innovative financing and capacity building are some of the key pillars which support an efficient transportation system across the system. For example, the UN Decade of Action on road safety affords Africans the chance to assess how safe transportation across the continent is for all users. Asset management focuses on a culture of managing assets so they perform efficiently throughout their lifecycles. Innovative financing examines viable funding sources for the next generation of infrastructure within Africa and capacity building sheds light on the need for Africans to find solutions to transportation problems on the continent.
  • High-level interaction amongst transportation sector stakeholders: In attendance will be road industry leaders from around the world. The structure of the Congress will provide an enabling environment for delegates to interact with these leaders so as to trigger healthy discussions on various topics shared at the Congress.
  • Advanced, practical workshops for attendees: Two workshops will be organized on road safety and asset management, respectively. Thetrainingwill cover the principles,concepts, components and techniques involved in following best practices within these two subject areas. Theworkshop materials arebased on documented best practices and on the instructors’ experiences in providing expertise in their respective fields around the world.
  • Networking opportunities with key regional decision-makers: Opportunities will be provided for Congress delegates to network and engage with transportation stakeholders from different parts of Africa. This will afford unparalleled professional and business development opportunities for all participants.


Target Audience

  • Road Authorities
  • Road Design Consultants/ Contractors
  • Manufacturers/ Distributors
  • Concessionaires
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Academia



Africa’s quest towards development is hinged amongst other factors on a sound, resilient transportation system that supports safe and efficient transport of people, goods and services. The International Road Federation shares in this vision of a robust and sustainable transport system for Africa, and has a proven track record that promotes this vision globally. By hosting this 1st IRF Regional Congress in Abuja, the IRF hopes to actualize this vision for Africa by prompting the need for the discussion of safe and sound transport systems now. IRF believes in equipping Africa’s transportation stakeholders with the necessary tools and skills to meet today’s transportation demands on the continent. Better still we hope to generate interest in future transportation trends and provide the needed guidance to meet increased demand in the coming decades. The precursor to achieving all these lies in building a good relationship with transport professionals on the continent. A relationship between African transport experts and the IRF is one that beckons positives for all involved.


The regional Congress is the first bold step in building up this relationship. By reaching out to transport experts with her mission of encouraging and promoting development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks, the IRF will assist Africa reap the social and economic benefits that flow from well-planned and environmentally sound road transport networks. Please join us in Abuja!

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Event Venue and Hotel


Nicon Luxury Hotel



The Congress will be held at the Nicon Luxury Hotel. We recommend delegates stay here to for security reasons and to promote networking. Hotel rate for a $145/night, breakfast inclusive.


Please make reservations at http://www.niconluxury.com/.


After reservation has been made, send an email to reservations@niconluxury.com or call 011(234) 9461 9000, 011 (234) 80 9555 6005, 011 (234) 8074127257, 011 (234) 7080008335.


Let reservation know you will be attending the IRF Africa Regional Congress.